Will Write for Food

A little about me…

This is not my first blog, but is the first time I’m “revealing” my identity through this. I’m Kimberly. Brooklyn-raised and living in Jersey City more or less for the past decade. Been writing every day in some capacity since I was six after finding that I get very, very cranky if I don’t get a chance to put pen to paper in *some* capacity (and yes, I do still write my first drafts longhand.) A few years ago, my novel was published by the wonderful and fantastic Robert and Elizabeth over at Ig in Brooklyn. Since then, I’ve been struggling with completing my second novel (which I am sure will be documented here) and have been keeping my name somewhat active through my short stories appearing in anthologies and literary journals. I am also an at home freelancer to pay the bills, which I’ll also write about. My goal for this blog is to be a mixture of personal and professional anecdotes, stories and anything else that I can think of that I want to share. Including pictures of my cats.